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The Hair Research Society of India (THRSI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to research and education in the science of Hair.

It consists of clinical dermatologists, Practicing Physicians, and Research Scientists involved in the study of hair biology, clinical hair disorders and their management.

Members take active participation by giving lectures, case reports and expert comments which enables exchange of new ideas in clinical and experimental research of hair, to give state of the art patient care.

The Society was founded in June 2004 by a group of dermatologists under the leadership of Prof. Patrick Yesudian, with Dr. S. Murugusundram as the Secretary.

The aim of this society is to save the public from being taken for a ride by quackery and to create awareness among the dermatologists who are the only competent persons to carry out scientific research and treatment of hair disorders. Since hair is an appendage of the skin, Trichology, the science of hair is the sub-speciality of Dermatology. Hence only qualified dermatologists can be Trichologists.

Considering the abundant clinical material available in India, the Hair Research Society of India (THRSI) has a great potential to understand and explore the science of hair. As a journey of thousand miles starts with a small step, the society has grown significantly in the past few years with a strong academic foundation and continuing medical education.

The activities of the society are financially supported by membership.

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